CLAYTON, N.Y. (WWTI) — Crowds of people gathered at the Punkin’ Chunkin’ event which returned to Clayton on Saturday, October 17.

Although the wind and rain slightly delayed the schedule, teams gathered at 2 p.m. to load their pumpkins into their trebuchet and launch them into the St. Lawrence River. Suzie Ginch was just one of the hundreds that attended the event and said the weather didn’t dull their spirits in the slightest.

“We purchased some rain gear and we were ready, and we just said you kind of roll with what you’re dealt,” Ginch said. “So we’re really excited.”

Ginch and her husband traveled to the North Country from South Florida to attend the event. She said they began planning the trip in February after enjoying the event the first time she attended.

“The last time I was here, it was just such an amazing experience,” Ginch said. “I wanted to share it with my husband, and his friends, and our extended family here in Clayton.”

Michael Hazlewood was a part of the Wood Boat Brewery team and said the success of their trebuchet has been eight years in the making.

“We keep adding a little bit every year and hoping for a better outcome,” Hazlewood said.

The day also featured a barbeque feed and contest, a farmers market, and a live band.