WASHINGTON, D.C. (WWTI) — New touchless features will be expanded for pleasure boaters in U.S. waters.

United States Customers and Border Protection announced that its CBP ROAM will introduce new features for pleasure boat operators. This will allow for these boaters to apply and update cruising licenses.

According to CBP, pleasure boaters can now apply for a cruising license through the CBP Roam mobile application. This license authorizes select foreign-flagged vessels to travel to ports within the United States without filing formal paperwork or paying fees upon arrival.

The CBP ROAM™ application automates the process to apply for and update cruising licenses. It also can eliminate the need to visit or call a CBP Office. The application process is now integrated into the arrival report.

“CBP is excited to offer this new service to pleasure boaters as part of our transition to innovative, touchless processes that enhance our operations,” CBP Office of Field Operations Deputy Executive Assistant Commissioner Diane J. Sabatinon said in a press release. “By eliminating the need to physically enter a CBP Office, we provide boaters a significant time savings benefit and a safer environment for both the boater and CBP employees.” 

Back in 2018, CBP updated how pleasure boaters can notify of their arrival. These boaters were able to provide all required entry information and engage with CBP through video interviews on smartphones or tablets.

Current users who already have a paper cruising license should update their boat information in the CBP ROAM™ application with their cruising license number. Once verified, the “Port of Call” button will appear and can be used to update their cruising license.