DEC announces $650K in funding for ‘high hazard’ dams in New York



NEW YORK (WWTI) — Funding has been made available for eligible dam repairs in New York State.

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner Basil Seggos announced that $650,000 in grant funding is now available to assist dam owners with infrastructure repair costs. This funding is specific for “High Hazard” dams as it was provided through the Federal Management Agency’s High Hazard Potential Dam grant program.

According to Commissioner Seggos, New York was one of two states to receive the maximum amount of funding.

“Ensuring dam safety is a top priority for DEC and we encourage eligible dam owners to take advantage of this important funding,” said Commissioner Seggos. “The grants announced [on April 1] will support pre-construction engineering and design activities as part of an overall program to help municipal and non-profit owners of High Hazard dams make necessary repairs and improve public safety.”

New York State’s High Hazard dam classification refers to the potential for damage upon a dam’s failure, not its likelihood of failure.

Specifically the state classifies a “High Hazard,” Class C dam, as one that could result in widespread or “serious” damage to homes, main highways, industrial or commercial buildings, railroads or utilities including ncluding water supply, sewage treatment, fuel, power, cable, or telephone infrastructure, or substantial environmental damage.

New York State currently has 425 dams that meet this classification.

The Department of Environmental Conservation is now accepting applications for grants to assist with technical, planning, design and other pre-construction activities. Local government entities and municipalities with dam projects in the state are eligible to apply.

All projects must be in a county with an approved hazard mitigation plan and projects will be awarded up to $100,000.

The deadline for applications is June 11, 2021. Requests for Applications (RFAs) are available online through the NYS Grants Gateway.

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