LEWIS COUNTY, N.Y. (WWTI) — Local races have been called in Lewis County.

After days of early voting, and Election Day on November 2, the Lewis County Board of Elections has released unofficial results from all elections on the county, town and village level. All results are listed below:

Lewis County

  • Legislator District 1: Phil Hathway (R)
  • Legislator District 2: Lisa R. Virkler (R)
  • Legislator District 3: Ronald J. Burns (R)
  • Legislator District 4: Ian W. Gilbert (R)
  • Legislator District 5: Richard A. Chartrand (R)
  • Legislator District 6: Andrea J. Moroughan (R)
  • Legislator District 7: Joshua Leviker (R)
  • Legislator District 8: Larry Dolhof (R)
  • Legislator District 9: Thomas A. Osborne (R)
  • Legislator District 10: Jeffrey G. Nellenback (R)


  • Supervisor: Roger M. Burriss (D)
  • Council: Larry Boliver (R)
  • Council: Yvonne Boliver (R)


  • Supervisor: Scott Doyle (R)
  • Clerk and Collector: Prudence Lyne Greene (D)
  • Council: Peter Jones (R)
  • Council: Darlene Rowsam (R)
  • Highway Superintendent: Pat Mahar (R)


  • Council: Zachary J. Smith (R)
  • Council: Allen Bango II (R)
  • Highway Superintendent to Fill Vacancy): Joseph C. Langs (R)


  • Supervisor: Marilyn Patterson (R)
  • Clerk and Collector: Thomas Gunn (R)
  • Council: Donald F. Mallette (DFM)
  • Council: Robert A. Johnson (R)
  • Highway Superintendent: Kenneth Kirkbride (R)


  • Supervisor: Stephen Bernat (R)
  • Clerk: Karen Bowen (I)
  • Council: James Schlieder (R)
  • Council: Dale Bowen (FTP)
  • Highway Superintendent: Terry Snyder (R)


  • Supervisor: Dawn Zagurski (R)
  • Clerk: Olivia Fruin (R)
  • Tax Collector: Christina A. Stinebrickner (D)
  • Council: Tammy Weiler (R)
  • Council: Karl Rauscher (R)
  • Highway Superintendent: Lynn “Frank” Pratt (R)


  • Supervisor: Rosalie White (R)
  • Clerk: Janice Dosztan (R)
  • Council: Steven M. Fox (CON)
  • Council: Andrew Millick (FTT)
  • Tax Collector: Kim Hrim (I)
  • Highway Superintendent: Fred Fox (R)


  • Supervisor
  • Justice: James Coffman (R)
  • Council: Paul Virkler (R)
  • Council: Stephen Farney (R)


  • Clerk: Louise Gozalkowski (R)
  • Justice: John Donahue (R)
  • Council: Keith Todd (R)
  • Highway Superintedent: Steven Weber (R)
  • Tax Collector: Tracy L. Hoage (I)


  • Supervisor: Terry Thisse (R)
  • Justice
  • Collector: Deanna Doviak (R)
  • Council: Brad Allen (R)
  • Council: Mike McGrath (R)
  • Highway Superintedent: Tyler Jones (R)


  • Supervisor: Bruce Williams (R)
  • Clerk/Collector: Barbara Loomis (R)
  • Council: Jennifer Staples (R)
  • Council to Fill Vacancy: Michael A. Kiernan (R)
  • Highway Superintedent: Clifford “Tony” Young (R)

New Bremen

  • Justice: Aimee L. Murphy (D)
  • Council: Jospeh Aucter (R)
  • Council: Terry S. Widrick (D)


  • Supervisor: Francis N. Yerdon (D)
  • Clerk: Virginia “Ginny” Churchill (R)
  • Tax Collector: Andrew P. Burns (D)
  • Council: Randy Reynolds (R)
  • Council: Mark Rayome (CON)
  • Highway Superintedent: Richard Meagher (R)


  • Supervisor: Sherry Harmych (R)
  • Clerk and Collector: Melissa Birchenough (R)
  • Council: Donald Vincent (R)
  • Highway Superintedent: Donald Cook (R)


  • Supervisor: Jane Gillette (R)
  • Clerk and Collector: Sheena L. Dickinson (R)
  • Council: Edward Koss (R)
  • Council: Linda Galarneau (R)
  • Highway Superintedent: John Karelus (R)


  • Superintendent: Gerald Crowell (R)
  • Clerk and Collector: Christina Merry (R)
  • Justice: Donald Regetz (R)
  • Council: Vicki Roy (R)
  • Council: Jeffrey Hoch (R)
  • Council to Fill Vacancy: Jeff Lyng (D)
  • Highway Superintedent: Stephen Skiff Jr. (R)

West Turin

  • Supervisor: Edward J. Hayes (D)
  • Clerk: Bethany L. Schindler (R)
  • Tax Collector: Beth Ann McGovern (D)
  • Council: J. Scott Markham (R)
  • Council: Susan Smith (R)
  • Highway Superintedent: Douglas Salmon (R)

Village of Constanbleville

  • Mayor: Joseph Genter (R)
  • Trustee: Mark Sullivan (R)
  • Trustee: Alan Klossner (R)

Village of Croghan

  • Trustee: Linda Nortz (SOV)
  • Trustee: Lloyd Richardson (FYO)

Village of Lyons Falls

  • Mayor to Fill Vacancy: Beau Bailey (R)

Village of Port Leyden

  • Mayor
  • Trustee: Ashley Moore