WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWTI) — Marking a chillier election day, the 2021 General Election opened at 6 a.m. across the North Country.

This year, local elections are driving voters to the polls. This includes seats for city and town councils, county legislators, village mayors and more.

At a poll site on Chestnut Street in the City of Watertown, residents lined up on their lunch breaks and throughout the day to cast their ballots. They shared what drove them to vote on November 2.

“I always felt it’s a civic duty and I just make sure that I get out to have my voice heard,” Watertown Resident Deltra Main said. “We have children that we’re raising here. We want the community to be a safe place, to raise a family.”

Voters also said they hope to see improvements in the city. Mentioned improvements include enhanced safety strategies, additional recreational opportunities, building work, lower taxes and supporting homeless populations.

“A big thing would be to fix up some of these properties that are falling into disrepair. I think something should, could, and should be done about that,” David Stoodly shared. Also, the homeless is a problem, and I think we should take better care of the homeless residents.”

“I care about the city. I’m a lifelong city resident,” added Jeremy Graves. “Being a lifelong resident of Watertown I think the city has definitely changed and I’m very interested in having recreational opportunities for the youth and certainly safety is a big issue.”

Polls will close across the North Country at 9 p.m. on November 2. Election results will be posted as they are made available.