‘Everyone can learn to play, and now together:’ Music Education Center of Watertown expands to new studio


WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWTI) — Breaking barriers in teaching music is what the Music Education Centers of Watertown is known for, and the center is continuing to expand this reach through its recent relocation to the back of the Marcy Building in downtown Watertown.

The need for this new space was following an outpour of interest from the North Country community this past winter. Music Education Center Owner Christian Schenk considered it a proactive approach to continue to support the needs of the musical community.

“Right around Christmas, we literally doubled in size very quickly as things started to open up,” stated Schenk. “So it was a, ‘we better get ready because there’s going to be an influx,’ and seeing the pattern of growth happening very quickly, so let’s be ready rather than than reacting.”

Music Education Center’s new studio space has three dedicated lesson rooms, one of which has professional recording equipment. The expansion in physical space alone, Schenk said, will help the Center further provide for its students.

Adding that the number of students him and his staff could previously see in a week due to capacity restrictions, can now be seen “comfortably” in just one day.

Schenk also shared his excitement regarding support from the local music and performing arts community. Adding how one individual will now be joining the center in the coming weeks.

“So as we’ve been growing and our awareness has been increasing, one teacher that recently retired in LaFargeville moved to Watertown. She sought me out and said: “I want to come in and join your team,'” shared Schenk.

This new teacher was previously a band teacher at the LaFargeville Central School District and will be able to help the center teach lessons on all instruments.

Not only is the studio more than twice the size of the Center’s previous location, it is also fully ADA compliant and includes a large-scale classroom, allowing not only everyone to learn how to play, but also, everyone to learn how to play together.

“One thing that we have here that I think really will set Music Education Center apart from other studios is this, this classroom that we’ve put together where a student can learn a lesson in one of the rooms, and then we can bring it over into the classroom and kind of put it into a real life scenario,” expressed Schenk.

Adding, “we play teacher-student duets all the time, but when you actually get the students starting to work together, that’s the goal here. I think within the infrastructure of this new facility, we’ll be able to achieve that.”

Music lessons are already being held at the Music Education Center’s new studio, but the Center will open its doors to the public on May 15 for an open house.

More information can be found on the Center’s website and Facebook page.

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