Experts: Flickr is a safer online platform for North Country children & teens


WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWTI) — Although many apps and social media platforms are known to pose risks for their youngest users, some apps are paving the way to allow for teens and children to express themselves online, safely.

According to experts from the Victim’s Assistance Center, an example of this is the image and video hosting service, Flickr.

Commonly known for the community it has in the photography realm, the VAC shared how this is a alternative for younger users to express themselves creatively.

“This one is rather safe for everybody to share their memories,” stated VAC Child Advocacy MDT Facilitator Cassidy Turner. “If you’re into photography and videography, then it’s a way for you to express yourself professionally and on a creative platform as well.”

Additionally, Flickr does not have an age requirement for its users.

Although this may seem like a more hazardous feature, Turner explained that Flickr has a “trust and safety” team that filters all content. Images considered inappropriate are then flagged and hidden from all users.

Compared to some websites that may flag content with phrases like “for mature audiences only,” or “graphic content,” Flickr hides and restricts such images or videos from its site entirely.

This compared to other social media platforms, creates a standard for online content.

“Flickr would be a safer alternative to Instagram or Snapchat, or to have with that. Flicker can act as a go-between. So if you upload your images and videos, they’re being flagged on whether it’s appropriate or not,” shared Turner. “There’s kind of an extra guarantee that that content is safe and you feel protected as well. So when you’re scrolling through, you’re not going to stumble across something you shouldn’t see.”

Turner emphasized that this should be a message to parents, that not all online activity has to be dangerous.

Concluding with, “it really just shows to parents and to kids that it doesn’t all have to be bad on the internet. You can have some fun and be safe as well.”

The Victim’s Assistance Center also continues to remind parents and guardians to have open conversations with their children about their online activity, monitor usage and stay informed.

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