This article previously named the incorrect host for the event. The correct host for the event is Brandy Jo Shaw-Mendelson and the article has been updated with this information.

SACKETS HARBOR, N.Y. (WWTI) — Brandy Jo Shaw-Mendelson hosted the annual wreath-laying to honor fallen Veterans on Saturday.

This was the 5th year the event took place where volunteers placed a wreath at the final resting place of the Veterans in the Sackets Harbor Military Cemetery. The effort started with the goal of laying wreaths at 300 unknown soldiers resting places but has grown to adorn every veteran’s resting place in the cemetery.

Funds were raised by the community to purchase the materials needed for Simmons Farm in Copenhagen to make the ten-inch wreaths. The Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association Chapter 19-2 shared photos of the event on their Facebook page on Sunday. The author of the post wrote that the weather did not deter those in attendance from honoring each and every resting place.