Focusing on community and friendship, new fiber arts shop opens in Chaumont


CHAUMONT, N.Y. (WWTI) — Focusing on a community that has brought her friendship, owner of the Chaumont Yarn House Jacque Cox got her start in fiber arts from her grandmother when she was in elementary school. 

Although she shared she picked up crocheting quicker, Cox got back into knitting when her daughter learned, which became a long-time hobby. 

The hobby then turned to a passion when she moved to the North Country in the winter of 2020. Cox shared that when she first moved here, she noticed the absence of locally owned fiber arts shops, or yarn houses.

“About two years ago, my husband got a job up here. So we moved and I noticed that there weren’t any yarn shops, any little yarn boutiques, which I love to visit whenever we travel,” shared Cox. “So my husband and I put our minds together and started thinking, well, maybe I could find someplace to open.”

This idea grew, and eventually Cox found the location in Chaumont, which became the Chaumont Yarn House.

Cox has many goals for the shop, but her main priority is to create a place for those with her same passion to gather and embrace friendship.

“I also want this to be a place where people can gather and enjoy friendship. I know whenever I would travel. Um, and when I’ve moved different places, my happy places were like yarn shops, because I felt like I could go in and sit down and talk with the people there that were knitting or crocheting and get ideas from them. And that’s what I want here.”

The Chaumont Yarn House is located off Route 12 in Chaumont NY and officially opening its doors in April 2021. 

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