FRANKLIN COUNTY, N.Y. (WWTI) — An ATV was found dumped in Tupper Lake, according to the Department of Environmental Conservation Forest Rangers.

DEC stated that Forest Rangers DiCintio, O’Connor, and Praczkajlo were on boat patrol on Tupper Lake at 1:30 p.m. on July 7 when they found a submerged ATV near the shoreline. Rangers looked at the tracks and determined someone drove the vehicle off the railroad bed and down a 20-foot embankment.

It was reported that the crashed vehicle still had fishing poles attached to it, as well as a 25-inch walleye hanging from the back rack. Rangers stated that they searched for an injured driver but did not find any evidence that they were still in the area.

It was determined that the owner of the ATV was a 41-year-old from Tupper Lake. A New York State trooper was sent to his residence but was told that the owner was out of town. Police stated that they eventually found the owner who was in possession of a stolen winch that he was planning on using to retrieve the ATV.

As a result, ECO Newell issued three tickets to the owner. The Rangers at the scene removed the ATV from the water.