FORT DRUM, N.Y. (WWTI) — Changes have been made at all Fort Drum gates.

Beginning June 1, the Fort Drum military installation will count all people entering gates as a part of a Department of the Army survey, according to Fort Drum Public Affairs. This will require all all individuals over the age of 10 to show valid identification at all gates.

Public Affairs said this survey will help the Department of the Army understand how many people access Fort Drum every day. Results from the survey will be used to form a future protection program, officials explained.

This will not change commercial entry to the installation. Commercial drivers must still use the Gas Alley Gate and undergo standard operating procedures.

Trusted Travelers privileges’ will also continue. Guests riding in a car driven by a DoD ID cardholders will not need to go to the Visitor Control Center for a pass. All occupants in the car will be required to show REAL ID identification.

The additional rules will be in place during this time:

  • All military vehicle operators and front seat occupants will be required to show their DoD ID cards. Troops in transport will not be asked
  • School bus drivers must provide identification, however, children in school buses do not need to present identification
  • Occupants in non-tactical government vehicles must provide ID

Visitors who do not have a REAL ID are encouraged to report to the Visitor Control Center and Cerjan Gate off U.S. Route 11 and Interstate 781 before attempting to access Fort Drum.

Delays due to these changes are expected to be minimal, Public Affairs said. The 100% ID check will continue through Wednesday, June 14.