FORT DRUM, N.Y. (WWTI) — Fort Drum’s fire captain has received recognition from the U.S. Army.

On January 28, Fort Drum Public Affairs confirmed that Fire Captain Jeffrey Hambsch earned the U.S. Army Installation Management Command’s top service instructor award. This was granted to Hambsch as he is a training captain with the Fort Drum Fire Emergency Services.

According to Public Affairs, Hambsch has served at Fort Drum for ten years and served in his current position for the past ten months.

“I started out in the volunteer fire service on Long Island, and I liked the camaraderie and the ability to help others in need,” Hambsch said in a press release. “Then after retiring from the New York Air National Guard and (having) served our country, I thought it would be an honor protecting those who are currently serving now.”

Hambsch was highlighted for a training program he developed that provides comprehensive, realistic and scenario-driven training to facilitate trench rescue and structural collapse. This includes breaching, breaking and stabilizing concrete.

He also recently lead and coordinated mutual aid training on ice rescue on the Fort Drum installation, which required firefighters to endure bitter cold waters.

“Currently in our fire department, we have many new firefighters,” Hambsch said. “I wanted to introduce them into another discipline of the fire service and spark some interest to show them that what we do is not just about putting out fires.”

Hambsch has also created an awareness and response curriculum about the dangers of hydrogen cyanide poisoning on the fire ground.

In 2021, Hambsch won Directorate of Emergency Services Employee of the Month in May and Fort Drum Civilian of the Quarter. He also received the State University of New York Outstanding Part-Time Faculty Member of the Year Award for his work developing the Fire Protection Technology Program and curriculum. Fort Drum Fire Chief Jason Brunet commented on Hambsch’s recognition from the U.S. Army.

“With Jeff, he has it all,” Brunet noted. “He is well-rounded and has the passion to train firefighters. We have several young firefighters, and to teach them the ins and outs of our profession takes a really special person who commits themselves to the mission.”

Hambsch, and 11 other honorees in their respective categories, will represent IMCOM at the U.S. Army Materiel Command, Department of the Army and Department of Defense levels later in 2022.