FORT DRUM, N.Y. (WWTI) — Training like it’s the real thing.

10th Mountain Division soldiers with the 1st Brigade Combat Team’s 1st Battalion, 32nd Infantry Regiment and 10th Combat Aviation Brigade’s 2nd Helicopter Assault Battalion led a series of air assault training missions across the region on May 31.

During the training, over 20 UH-60 Black Hawks and four AH-64 Apache helicopters flew between the Fort Drum military installation and the Griffiss International Airport in Rome, New York.

But what could be seen in the sky was only the beginning of an eight-day training for over 100 non-commissioned officers.

According to 1-32’s Sergeant First Class Jake Morash, who is acting as a first sergeant during the training, soldiers will test their combat skills.

“Upon landing, we’re going to march about four miles into a training area while we’re conducting overnight rest plans,” SFC Morash explained. “Then for the next seven days, we’ll be training on infantry tactics, techniques and procedures.”

Staff Sergeant Devin Lindberg, who is a combat medic with 1-32, added that this training will also challenge the unit’s readiness capabilities.

“There are multiple ranges that we’re going to be running from,” SSG Lindberg said. “Multiple weapon systems while we’re out there. There are different attack maneuvers and procedures that we are going to be practicing.”

But the soldiers expressed that this training mirrors war-time combat as it combined different Army branches: Aviation and infantry.

“In future wars, I feel like it’s going to be no different,” Lindberg stated. “We still need to move soldiers from point A to point B and they just need to carry on missions wherever they go. So ultimately, this is just repetitions of anything that our country needs us to do.”

Strengthening the soldier’s abilities in the air and on the ground, with support from the 10th Combat Aviation Brigade, as they prepare for potential deployments.

“This puts us at the top of the readiness charts,” SFC Morash said. “We have deployments coming up every so often and we’re going to stay vigilant. If we’re ready, we don’t have to get ready.”

10th Mountain Division air assault training with Army helicopters concluded in the early morning hours of June 1.