FORT DRUM, N.Y. (WWTI) — Army recruits recently visited Fort Drum to learn more about the 10th Mountain Division.

During the final week of August, and Fort Drum’s annual Mountinfest celebration, the Division welcomed new recruits and prospects from across New York, Pennsylvania and New England.

This effort, named “Operation Mountain Awareness,” toured recruits around the military base, including a visit to Memorial Park, browsed amenities such as the Exchange and Commissary and allowed visitors to have lunch with active-duty soldiers.

Carson Barrante, who is from Eden, New York was one of the visiting recruits. He is set to head to Basic Training later in September.

“I wanted to see how an Army base works. Just to get more into the mindset of being on an Army base is just a great experience overall,” Barrante said during the tour. “It’s much nicer than I expected.”

Justin Oakes was another recruit who visited during Operation Mountain Awareness. He brought his mother, father and brother with him from Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

“It’s a decision I am making for my future. If I decide the Army isn’t going to be a lifelong career for me, I can use my training to get a job outside in my community as well,” Oakes added.

10th Mountain Division Senior Leaders led the tour to welcome future soldiers. Commanding General Major General Milford Beagle explained the Division’s motto, “Climb to Glory.”

“Do you guys know our motto? Climb to Glory! You all are starting your climb, and I appreciate each and every one of you being here,” Maj. Gen. Beagle told future soldiers.

“Never let anybody tell you what you can’t do. That’s what the Army will give you – the start toward the life that somebody told you that you could not have. We want to be the team you want to join,” Beagle said.