FORT DRUM, N.Y. (WWTI) — The houses that home Fort Drum’s junior enlisted Soldiers and their families are getting a much-needed makeover.

Through a $1.1 billion Lendlease investment, Fort Drum Mountain Community Homes is working to renovate its Adirondack Creek Community, which is located on the military installation.

Out of the multi-billion investment, Fort Drum has received $44 million, which according to Fort Drum Mountain Community Homes Project Director Dean Harrison, $41 million will be used for the Adirondack Creek Community.

These buildings are some of the oldest homes on Fort Drum as they were built back in the 1980s.

“These houses on the exterior, we’re taking damage from the North Country winters. So they desperately needed new roofs and siding. When we took the new roofs and siding off, we found some damage underneath.”

Fort Drum Mountain Community Homes has been working to repair this damage, which is mostly complete and has now moved to indoor work.

Interior renovations included new kitchens with quartz countertops and stainless steel appliances, new paint, baseboards and flooring. Each unit also has two air conditioners, expanded storage and cleaned garage spaces.

Harrison the feedback on these renovations has been impressive, including both applause from the Secretary of the Army and emotional reactions from Soldier tenants.

“In one of the early renovations, a Soldier came in to take a tour of the home,” Harrison shared. He was about to move in, but his wife was not there. She was on FaceTime. And so he gave her a phone tour of the unit and was overwhelmed.”

“He actually started shedding tears of joy,” Harrison explained.

He further said that the overall goal of this project is to enhance the quality of life and standards of military housing for young Soldiers and their families.

“When brand new soldiers and families come into the Army, they may not know what to expect,” he said. Walking into a home like this. Can be a little overwhelming. but it’s a great first impression of Fort drum, Mountain Community Homes for Fort Drum.”

“We’re really excited to be able to do this for soldiers,” Harrison concluded.

The renovation project at the Fort Drum Mountain Community Homes Adirondack Creek Community is expected to be completed in the next five years.