FORT DRUM N.Y. (WWTI) — Fort Drum parents are being asked to submit their input regarding child care services on the military base.

On Monday, Fort Drum officials released a survey on child care for local parents and servicemembers, aiming to gather input on local resources.

This survey includes a list of questions asking where parents receive childcare, what resources they utilize and experiences with Fort Drum Child and Youth Services.

According to Fort Drum CYS Program Operation Specialist Cathy Stenfeldt, the program is aiming to reach as many families with children as possible who are either currently using or plan to use child care on or off Fort Drum.

“Child care is essential to achieve mission readiness,” Stenfeldt said in a press release. “Fort Drum’s child development centers have remained open and committed to mission readiness despite all of the challenges brought about by COVID-19. Our staff continues to work long hours and takes every precaution to ensure the safety and well-being of the children and families we serve. Our staffing may be stretched thin, but our commitment to Soldiers and their families remains constant.”

The voice of the community is vital to shaping the child care needs for Fort Drum. We look forward to hearing from all Fort Drum parents about their experiences – whether it is a particular challenge, success or an idea to improve services,” she added.

A similar survey was conducted in 2021 through Fort Drum Medical Activity that measured the impact of hourly care on patient appointments.

The 2022 Fort Drum Child Care survey will remain open online through January 21.