FORT DRUM, N.Y. (WWTI) — The 10th Mountain Division at Fort Drum is known for its ability to train in treacherous winter conditions.

The Division’s annual D-Series Winter Challenge meets these expectations, where over 550, nine-soldier teams across the Fort Drum installation compete in a nine-mile ruck with event stations along the route.

“Each of the lanes that you’ll see in the D-Series are designed to challenge you physically and mentally,” Staff Sergeant Skylar Humbard said.

As a 10th Mountain Division Artillery Medical Operation Sergeant, SSG Humbard was responsible for leading the second event of the D-Series, where teams treated a hypothermic “patient.” Soldiers packaged a “patient” dummy onto a sled, ran the sled across a field and then radio-dialed for assistance.

From this station, soldiers continued their march an completed tasks such as installing tire chains on a military vehicle, a ski challenge, knot tying, rappelling, a weapons station, employing Ahkio sleds as a member of a squad, and a history test on the D-Series.

The original D-Series took place in Camp Hale, Colorado and was conducted by the 10th Light Division (Alpine) in 1944 to prepare for combat in the Italian mountains.

The current 10th Mountain Division restarted the D-Series at Fort Drum in 2018 to pay tribute to their “Alpine Roots.” Now, with participants from across all of the Division’s brigades, troops said it’s all part of the job.

“It takes all of us to motivate each other, get things done,” Private First Class Devin Cooper of the 41s7 Engineer Battalion, 2nd Brigade Combat team said. “One man can’t get it done by himself. Stronger together as a team.”

Stronger and ready for anything, leaders added.

“If we train in the worst of conditions, then we’re ready for the worst conditions, and we’re readily available to fight and win our nation’s wars,” SSG Humbard concluded.

The 2023 10th Mountain Division D-Series Winter Challange will conclude on Thursday, January 19. Teams will be graded on their timing and performance and winners of the challenge will be announced later in the week.