WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWTI) — Law enforcement performed a compliance check on local businesses to make sure their customers were legally purchasing alcohol from their establishments.

The Watertown Police Department and the Jefferson County Sherriff’s Office conducted the check on September 25 and found four businesses located in Watertown that were out of compliance. The purpose of the check was to ensure that customers that were purchasing alcoholic beverages for off-premises consumption were properly identified to confirm that they were 21 years of age or older.

After investigating the officers discovered that State Street Market, State Street Wine and Liquor, The General Store, and Franklin Street Market were out of compliance and as a result were cited.

The compliance check revealed that the following businesses in Watertown were in compliance with laws regarding the sale of alcoholic beverages:

  • Mobil at 1268 Arsenal Street
  • Sunoco at 1255 Arsenal Street
  • Price Chopper at 1283 Arsenal Street
  • Quicklee’s at 1279 Coffeen Street
  • Byrne Dairy at 1003 Coffeen Street
  • Kinney Drugs at 905 Coffeen Street
  • Walgreens at 929 Arsenal Street
  • Arsenal Wine and Liquor at 940 Arsenal Street
  • Bottlecaps at 952 Arsenal Street
  • Gold Star Liquor at 341 Arsenal Street
  • Gold Star Deli at 343 Arsenal Street
  • Valero at 262 Arsenal Street
  • Stewart’s at 229 N Massey Street
  • Sunoco at 1222 Washington Street
  • Stewart’s at 1226 Washington Street
  • Kinney Drugs at 1304 Arsenal Street
  • Gateway Liquor at 1324 Washington Street
  • Tops at 1330 Washington Street
  • Sunoco at 610 State Street
  • Fastrac at 1709 State Street
  • Kinney Drugs at 1729 State Street
  • Stewart’s at 508 Mill Street
  • Seven Eleven at 430 Factory Street