WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWTI) — Many local residents know Watertown’s Historic Thompson Park well.

The park, designed by Frederick Law Olmstead, who also designed Central Park in New York City, is a commonly visited place in Watertown. It is where locals meet for picnics, children play on the playground, avid golfers meet for a day on the course and fans visit to the local zoo.

However, some have found themselves lost in the park, for perhaps, “unexplainable” reasons.

Legend has it that somewhere in the park, is a hidden supernatural vortex. This vortex is said to transport those who discover it, or more so, get “stuck” in it, somewhere else in the park. It’s often dubbed as “Watertown’s Area 51.”

Claims from vortex witnesses explain being transported quickly and randomly through the trails of the park. Witnesses also have experienced confusion and tiredness after feeling lost in the park.

Supernatural investigators have previously visited the area to reason with science surrounding a possible vortex. According to investigators, there is a strong electromagnetic field over Thompson Park, which sometimes can cause nausea, confusion, and even hallucinations.

This supernatural phenomenon has such a long history in the North Country that the City of Watertown installed a warning sign for visitors. The sign is located near one of the believed entrances to the vortex, which is near the edge of the Thompson Park Golf Course and Zoo New York.

The Thompson Park Vortex is also listed on websites for Haunted History, upstate New York tourism, supernatural legends and more.

If you find yourself up at Thompson Park this Friday the 13th, be on the lookout for anything “out of the ordinary.”