General Brown football coaches remember Steve Fisher


DEXTER, N.Y. (WWTI) — The General Brown community is mourning the loss of a local legend, Steve Fisher. Fisher was most well-known for the 45 years he spent coaching football at General Brown.

Fisher passed away on September 27, which resulted in hundreds of North Country residents recognizing the impact he had made on their lives and the community.

Doug Black was just one player who had the honor of playing under Fisher. His journey came full circle when he accepted a position coaching alongside his role model during the last 2 years of his career. He said Fisher was the kind of person who held you accountable.

“He was one of those ones that usually see more in you than you saw in yourself, and was able to get the most out of the kids that played for him,” Black said.

Drew Heise played under Fisher while attending General Brown High School, the experience inspired him to return to the program as an assistant coach. He explained that Fisher coached in a way that made everyone feel included.

“He always made you feel important no matter what your role was on the team,” Heise said. “He always made you feel like you were a huge part in the team and that was one of the greatest impacts that he had, to make you feel, you know special.”

He went on to say that Fisher helped create a program that students wanted to be a part of.

“As a young kid in General Brown, growing up in the area, your goal is to play for coach Fisher and play on this field on a Friday night,” Heise said.

Black said although Fisher may have officially stepped down in 2014 he never truly left the program. He went on to say Fisher continued to break down film, coach pop warner, give advice, talk to those in the program, and more.

Both coaches shared stories on how although Fisher often showed his disciplinarian side on the field, he also had a soft spot for his coaches and players.

“He just made you a better person,” Heise said. “You could say my mom’s sick coach, or my mom’s not feeling well and that night he’ll call you at home and say how’s your mom doing?”

The coaches said it’s overwhelming to see how much Fisher impacted the community as members showcase their support of his legacy over the last two days.

“You don’t understand it until unfortunately, something like this happens. The outpour of support to his family to Mrs. Fisher and to General Brown is something that were greatly appreciated,” Heise said.

He said that Coach Fisher is the kind of person you never forget.

“Just to not let his memory die, he’ll always be a part of this team,” Heiss said. “Just somebody you’re gonna miss, somebody you’re gonna miss.”

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