‘He knew what to do:’ Local 6-year-old saves grandfather’s life after finding him unconscious at home


CHAUMONT, N.Y. (WWTI) — Learning heroism starts early. Especially in the case of local six-year-old Noah Lowe.

On April 19, Noah was home with his 83-year-old Great Grandfather Harold Radley. Mid-morning when Noah heard a “thud,” he immediately ran across the hallway to his grandfather’s room, where he found him on floor unresponsive. 

“He immediately started shaking him to wake him up and he was able to get them alert and got him his phone so he could call for help,” stated Noah’s Mom Heather Lipczynski. “We had had a conversation two hours prior, maybe three that if something were to happen and if he didn’t see me, time is very valuable in an emergency. So just to pick up the phone and get help, immediately.”

Adding, “and that’s exactly what he did.”

Little did Noah know that prior to these quick decisions, his grandfather’s pulse had stopped and was he suffering a cardiac arrest. Noah said that he just knew he needed to help his grandfather right away.

“I’m glad that I was able to help him, because I love him,” shared Noah.

Noah’s mom Heather shared her pride and attributes his knowledge to knowing really, what to do, to the generations of firefighters and emergency medical technicians in Noah’s life.

“I think it’s wonderful. He’s six, so he’s got a really bright future ahead,” expressed Lipczynski. “There are many options he could do at this point and he’d be a fourth generation firefighter if he does continue on.”

These actions taken by six-year-old Noah ultimately saved the life of grandfather who is scheduled to receive a pacemaker and return home just a week after the incident. 

To encourage others to call when there’s an emergency, Noah shared:

“All kids can be like me and call for help!”

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