WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWTI) — High amounts of the virus causing COVID-19 has been found at wastewater sites across Jefferson County.

This was confirmed in the November monthly index released by Jefferson County officials on Monday, December 6. According the the index, high levels of SARS-CoV-2 were found in wastewater results in the City of Watertown, Village of Carthage and West Carthage and the Thousand Islands Central School District.

These levels meant that COVID-19 was quantifiable indicating of active transmission of the virus, with needed immediate remediation. These results were last submitted on November 29, 2021.

Additional information included in the index were total hospital charges in November. Throughout the month, there were 111 total discharges in Jefferson County. Of the total number 65 were among unvaccinated, 5 partially vaccinated and 41 fully vaccinated.

Jefferson County also saw the second highest number of monthly deaths in November, with 23 resident affected.

According to officials, 14 of the total residents who died in November were unvaccinated, one was partially vaccinated and eight were fully vaccinated. Those who died of COVID-19 and were vaccinated all had pre-existing conditions. In total there have been 132 deaths in the county since the start of the pandemic.

Regarding the vaccination effort, 76.2% of the total population has received one dose of the vaccine and 64.3% is fully vaccinated. The vaccination rate in the youngest eligible age group. five to eleven year olds, remains the lowest with less than 1% being fully vaccinated.

Jefferson County also remains designated as an area with high levels of community transmission for the coronavirus. To reduce the risk of contracting the virus, officials are urging all residents to get vaccinated, get a booster shot and take COVID-19 precautions.