How to avoid falling victim to common North Country scams


WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWTI) — Residents across the North Country, state and country continue to fall victim to scams requesting individuals for money.

According to North Country CPA Emily Philippe, these scams these scams can take the form of phone calls, emails, text messages or even social media messaging.

As a CPA, Philippe sees these scams all the time. 

“The IRS and New York State, they’re not going to give you a phone call and they’re not going to send you an email. They’re going to send you a letter or, if you have an account, they’ll send you a message through that account to notify you, if there’s anything going on and they’re not going to threaten to throw you in jail,” shared Philippe.

And these scams are becoming more common as the pandemic has forced many to rely on technology and online services. 

Technology makes it easier in a way for people to get your information,” stated Philippe. “You may not even realize it. If someone’s hacked into your system, maybe you don’t have a very secure password or you don’t change your password, it’s very easy to get people, send you emails to confirm data and you click on a link and then they downloaded malware into your computer and they can access your information.”

She added, “so you don’t necessarily see how the information is leaking out to them, but the technology gives them another method of reaching what they need to get from you in order to steal.”

Watch the full interview with North Country CPA Emily Philippe on ways to avoid these common scams.

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