How to camp sustainably this summer


NEW YORK (WWTI) — The New York State Department of Conservation has released tips to help campers make sure their trip this summer is a sustainable one.

According to the DEC, reservations for the 2021 season are at an all time high, with New York natives and visitors from out of state taking advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.

When planning a trip campers should figure out a way to carpool with friends and family to minimize carbon emissions. New York is also expanding their network of electric vehicle chargers, which are making camping with EV easier than ever before.

The DEC recommends using reusable plates, utensils, and bottles to cut down on waste and save money. Most of DEC’s campgrounds include a day use area, which have sinks for washing dishes and a place to refill water bottles. If campers do use items that are not reusable they should recycle them at the facility.

They are also advising campers to buy firewood locally for their campsites. Doing this decreases the spread of invasive species and helps to save trees by following the New York State Firewood Regulation. Trash such as plastic cups, and food wrappers, should never be burned in the campfire.  The plastics release toxic smoke and could pollute the ground and nearby waters when burned.

They suggest using solar-powered lights, radios, and chargers. These renewable energy sources reduce the need for batteries and can keep campers connected while outdoors.

These tips not only help preserve the environment but can also make packing and cleaning for the trips easier. More ways to camp and pack sustainably are on the DEC’s website.

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