Increased tolls now in effect at Thousand Islands Bridge


ALEXANDRIA BAY, N.Y. (WWTI) — Increased tolls are now in effect at the Thousand Islands Bridge.

The Thousand Islands Bridge Authority has confirmed the new toll rate for vehicles crossing the TI bridge, connecting Northern New York to Ontario, Canada.

The new toll rates are included in the chart below.

Vehicle classificationDescriptionNo. AxlesU.S. FareCA Fare
1Auto, pickup trucks, motorcycles2$3.25$4.25
2Auto, pickup trucks, with single axle trailer3$5.25$7.00
3 Recreational vehicles, school buses, island delivery2$6.00$7.25
4Trucks and buses2$8.00$10.00
5Tractor trailer trucks3$10.00$12.75
6Tractor trailer trucks4$12.00$15.50
7Tractor trailer trucks5$14.00$18.25
8 Tractor trailer trucks6$16.00$21.00
9Tractor trailer trucks7$18.00$23.75
10Tractor trailer trucks8$20.00$26.50
Additional axle any one vehicle class1$2.00$2.75
Commercial escort fee$150.00$200.00
Commuter discount fare card (16 trip)$26.00$33.00
Commuter discount fare card (72 trip)$38.00$52.00

All new rates took effect on April 1, 2021.

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