PHILADELPHIA, N.Y. (WWTI) — The Indian River community is mourning the loss of a long-time transportation staff member.

According to Indian River Central School District Superintendent Troy Decker, a member of the District’s senior transportation staff members died unexpectedly during the last week of April.

This was confirmed in a message to the community on Friday, April 29.

“this loss leaves a void that will take time to fill, both literally and figuratively,” Superintendent Decker said in the message. “Our transportation staff has worked through the grief, delivered kids to and from school and carried on as best as possible given this tragic loss.”

To observe and accommodate memorial services and remembrance celebrations for the staff member, Indian River will observe a full-day Staff Development Day on Tuesday, May 3.

Specifically, on May 3, students in grades K-12 will not be in regular attendance and afternoon athletics practices have been canceled.

However, morning and afternoon BOCES will arrive as depart as usual from Indian River High School, ACES and parochial and UpKK and Headstart programs will run as usual, and evening games and events will still take place.

“As we work through yet another difficult time, please know that we can and will persevere,” Decker added. “Our Indian River Central School District family has infinite strength and while we be at times tested, we will not waiver in our support for our students, staff and our entire school community.