(WWTI) — There seems to be a national day for almost everything, including a day where individuals are encouraged to throw fruitcakes as far as they can.

According to nationaldaycalendar.com, the inspiration for the national celebration came from the first Great Fruitcake Toss which was held in Manitou Springs, Colorado on January 3 in 1996. Each year the entrants compete to see who can hurl or toss their fruitcakes the farthest at the event.

Those who cannot attend an official Fruitcake tossing event are invited to host their own to celebrate the holiday. The website encouraged people to invite family members and friends to bring fruitcakes and take turns chucking them as far as they can and then share their celebration by using #FruitcakeTossDay to post on social media.

More information about the holiday and other national celebrations can be found here.