Italian community celebrated at Watertown’s Columbus Day flag raising


WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWTI) — Members of the local Italian community gathered at Watertown City hall to celebrate their history.

The community celebrated the holiday where Christopher Columbus, an Italian, first landed in America, by raising the Italian flag in front of Watertown City Hall.

The event was led by Mayor Jeff Smith and Italian American Civic Association President Richard Warren, and were joined by Watertown City Council members Sarah Compo and Lisa Ruggiero, and several members of the local Italian community.

“This means a lot to the Italian community because of the heritage, of our grandparents coming over on the boat and looking for that freedom, the ‘American Dream,'” stated Warren. “So it means a lot for the families that descended from Italy.”

The group focused on the importance of the Community to the North Country, and the accomplishments of many.

Local to Watertown, Lauren Barry, Leta Marzano-Harpe and Theresa Marzano, attended the celebration and reflected on their family history.

“Our family came to Watertown in 1906, so it’s been a long lineage of hard work, perseverance,” stated Leta Marzano-Harpe. “Raised in the salt flats, and that’s still known as the Italian part of Watertown.”

Enforcing the strength, the three focused on their favorite traits of their heritage.

Marzano stated, “it’s all about family, friends and food, good Italian food.”

The ceremony took place on October 12, 2020 around noon at Watertown City Hall.


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