JEFFERSON COUNTY, N.Y. (WWTI) — Jefferson Community College is honoring one of its students this month for achieving academic excellence through its Honors Program.

This month’s featured honor student is Laura D. Guldin from Watertown who is a human services major at JCC.  For one of her honors options, she researched addiction and the brain and it is her goal to become a social worker.

The program gives students, like Guldin, the ability to work-o one-on-one with professors to help them gain knowledge while getting their degree, as well as help them on their career path. Students that are a part of the program select three courses within their curriculum, and enhance them as Honors Options.

The option has the student and faculty agree on a specific project that they can work together to complete and offers a unique and rewarding way to further each Honors Program student’s education. Students in the program also take an Honors Seminar which examines a single theme each semester and features a variety of guest speakers and often includes some sort of field experience.

Participants that are successful in the program earn a prestigious Honors Graduate designation on their academic transcript for each Honors Option course. They also receive special recognition at graduation. More information about Guldin and the honors program can be found on the JCC website.