JEFFERSON COUNTY, N.Y. (WWTI) — Jefferson Community College recognized members of their faculty that have given years of service to the college.

The college held its annual Recognition Celebration held on May 6 in person once again for the first time since 2020. At the celebration, 13 faculty and staff members were honored for their service to the college over the years.

During the ceremony, the 2022 Spirit of Jefferson award was bestowed to the Return to Campus Committee. The award was established in 2011 by JCC’s 5th president, Carole A. McCoy, and recognizes a campus team who demonstrates cooperative effort, service, leadership development, persistence, and resourcefulness.

The Return to Campus Committee received the 2022 Spirit of Jefferson Award during the Jefferson Community College annual Recognition Celebration held on May 6, 2022.

Front row (l-r): President Ty A. Stone of Watertown; Jessica Emerson of Watertown, Education Coordinator; Kerry A. Young of Watertown, Associate Vice President of Human Resources; Melissa A. Dennie of Clayton, Assistant Director of Human Resources; Kimberly E. Honeywell of Alexandria Bay, Assistant Professor of Nursing; Kathy Tucker of Adams, Personnel Specialist

Back row (l-r): John J. Thomas of Dexter, Director of Library; Robyn M. Rhyner of Sackets Harbor, Director of Financial Aid; Daniel J. Dupee II of Dexter, Executive Vice President; Jerilyn E. Fairman of Watertown, Associate Vice President

Unavailable at time of photo: Bruce F. Alexander of Dexter, Retired Director of Administrative Services; Corey A. Campbell of Watertown, Vice President for Student Engagement & Retention; Jack N. Donato of Watertown, Professor of Computer Science; Deborah M. Elliott of Clayton, Registrar; Tanya L. Hoistion of Calcium, Coordinator – Student Accommodations and Testing Services; Gillian S. Maitland of Watertown, Director of Marketing and Communications; Shawn M. Maloney of Belleville, Senior Building Maintenance Mechanic II; Monica J. Papagni of Adams Center, Director of Instructional Technology; Kimberly S. Stearns of Rodman, Secretary; Oliver G. Youst of Watertown, Associate Professor

The committee was given the award for its efforts throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and they adapted to the ever-changing COVID-19 guidelines. According to JCC, the committee met numerous times to discuss the best possible ways to reopen campus and safely resume full in-person learning and operations.

Retirees were honored during the Jefferson Community College annual Recognition Celebration held on May 6, 2022. (l-r) Retiree Donald J. Horton of Dexter, Kathryn L. Brownell of Dexter, President Ty A. Stone, Cheryl R. Ditch of Henderson Harbor, Thomas N. Moran of Evans Mills and Lisa M. Scrivani-Tidd of Alexandria Bay.
Retirees unavailable for photo: David M. Bowhall of Watertown; Larry G. Covell of Watertown; Deborah M. Elliott of Clayton; Joel J. McCune of Henderson Harbor; Charlene M. Moser of Croghan; Sheri J. Russell of Watertown; Randy L. Tripp of Copenhagen; and Cassondra C. Widrick-Phillips of Lafargeville.

Faculty members who are retiring from their positions at the college were also recognized at the ceremony. This year’s retirees are listed below.

  • David M. Bowhall, of Watertown, Graphic Designer, 22 years of service
  • Kathryn L. Brownell of Dexter, Associate Professor of Business Studies, 21 years of service
  • Larry G. Covell, of Watertown, Professor of Business, 29 years of service
  • Cheryl R. Ditch, of Henderson Harbor, Associate Professor of Business Studies, 39 years of service
  • Deborah M. Elliott, of Clayton, Registrar, 14 years of service
  • Donald J. Horton, of Dexter, Chief Information Security Officer, 33 years of service
  • Joel J. McCune, of Henderson Harbor, Assistant Building Maintenance Mechanic, 26 years of service
  • Thomas N. Moran, of Evans Mills, Network Manager, 22 years of service
  • Charlene M. Moser, of Croghan, Comptroller, 13 years of service
  • Sheri J. Russell, of Watertown, Account Clerk, 30 years of service
  • Lisa M. Scrivani-Tidd, of Alexandria Bay, Professor of Humanities (music), 25 years of service
  • Randy L. Tripp, of Copenhagen, Professor of Mathematics, 25 years of service
  • Cassondra C. Widrick-Phillips, of Lafargeville, Assistant Professor of Nursing, 10 years of service
Recognized for milestone years of service to Jefferson Community College on May 6, 2022 at the College’s annual Recognition Celebration is (l-r) Mark D. Irwin of Watertown, Professor, 20 years of service; Jeffrey L. Wiley of Dexter, Director of Athletics, 30 years of service; Lisa M. Scrivani-Tidd of Alexandria Bay, Professor, 25 years of service; Rebecca R. Small-Kellogg of Dexter, Director of Educational Planning and Veteran Services, 35 years of service

JCC also recognized current employees for their years of service. The faculty that was honored at the ceremony are listed below.

Five Years: Calvin N. Bush of Carthage, Melissa A. Dennie of Clayton, Victor Monaghan of Carthage, Richard E. Peebles of Carthage, Hannah R. Pentoney of Watertown, Kent S. Sloat of Cape Vincent, Ty A. Stone of Watertown

Ten Years: Dawn Bartlett of Watertown, Andrew N. Draper of Watertown, Kimberly E. Honeywell of Alexandria Bay, Deanna L. Lothrop of Chaumont, Maryann Pierce of Redwood, Christine D. Pristash of Sackets Harbor, Cassondra C. Widrick-Phillips of LaFargeville

Fifteen Years: Daniel J. Dupee II of Dexter, Christine M. Grimes-Topping of Sackets Harbor, Renee L. Patterson of Watertown

Twenty Years: Stephen E. Arnold of Natural Bridge, Mark D. Irwin of Watertown, Tricia M. McBride of Black River

Twenty-Five Years: Rachael L. Riordan of Adams, Lisa M. Scrivani-Tidd of Alexandria Bay

Thirty Years: Michael J. Babcock of Deferiet; Monica J. Papagni of Adams Center, Sheri J. Russell of Watertown, Robin E. Stephenson of Redwood, Jeffrey L. Wiley of Dexter

Thirty-Five Years: Rebecca R. Small-Kellogg of Dexter, John W. Wagar of Watertown

More information about the college’s ceremony and honored faculty members can be found on the JCC website.