Jefferson County Clerk warns residents of vehicle insurance scams


How to avoid falling victim to common North Country scams

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWTI) — The Jefferson County Clerk’s Office is warning local residents of recently reported scams.

According to County Clerk Gizelle J. Meeks, recent scams include those stemming from vehicle insurance company’s.

These scams involve residents receiving a letter from a vehicle insurance company stating that someone may be using the individuals driver’s license number to contact them.

Meeks urged residents not to call the number on the letter, and instead, look online or from invoices or statements for a legitimate phone number.

The Jefferson County Clerk’s Office also included the following tips to avoid similar scams. These are listed below:

  • Never enhance insurance or driver’s license information with another driver if ever in an accident. Only provide the other driver with your insurance carrier so they can contact them directly
  • Always contact the companies you do business with directly from a website or personal invoices or statements
  • If you receive a phone call from a company you do business with asking for information that should already be on file, ask them to email it to you
  • Never give identifying information to anyone over the phone unless you know who you are speaking with

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