Jefferson County Public Health Planner thanks North Country doctors for their partnership during COVID-19


WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWTI) — Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, doctors have played an integral role in providing information to patients, assisting in testing and most recently helping with the national vaccination effort.

Jefferson County Public Health Planner Stephen Jennings provided input on how physicians in the North Country have created a unique partnership to combat the many unprecedented challenges in the past year.

“In the past year, the physicians in our community have been a great partner to us. They help us get to their patients; they want to learn about the issues; they’re very receptive to receiving information and resources,” stated Jennings. “So I think, the key here in our community, is the partnership.”

Jennings also added that North Country providers have also played a large role in the educational component of COVID-19; urging patients to wash hands, wear face masks and social distance.

However, he shared the factor that has inspired him most.

“I think it’s just been miraculous that we had our first case here on March 17th and a year later, as of today we have over 30,000 people vaccinated in our County,” expressed Jennings.

He concluded by reflecting on the partnership Public Health has with local physicians and how this makes the North Country unique.

“It’s a vast partnership, I think among all providers in the community, physicians and beyond,” shared Jennings. “It’s just been very inspiring. To see so many people come forward and want to help.”

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