JEFFERSON COUNTY, N.Y. (WWTI) — North Country ballots are in and the polls are closed.

The Jefferson County Board of Elections has released the unofficial results of the 2021 General Election. All results are listed below and are broken down by the state, county and town level:

State Level

  • State Supreme Court Justice, 5th Judicial District: Danielle M. Fogel (R)

Jefferson County

  • Clerk: Gizelle Meeks
  • Legislator 1st District: Robert W. Cantwell III (R)
  • Legislator 2nd District: William W. Johnson (R)
  • Legislator 3rd District: Phillip N. Reed (R)
  • Legislator 4th District: Allen T. Drake (D)
  • Legislator 5th District: Michael A. Montigelli (R)
  • Legislator 6th District: Daniel R. McBride (R)
  • Legislator 7th District: John D. Peck (R)
  • Legislator 8th District: James A. Nabywaniec (R)
  • Legislator 9th District: Patrick R. Jareo (R)
  • Legislator 10th District: Jeremiah J. Maxon
  • Legislator 11th District: Robert D. Ferris (R)
  • Legislator 12th District: Frances A. Calarco (R)
  • Legislator 13th District: Scott A. Gray (R)
  • Legislator 14th District: Corey Grant (R)
  • Legislator 15th District: Anthony J. Doldo (R)

City of Watertown

  • City Council: Lisa Ruggiero (Non)
  • City Council: Clifford G. Onley III (Non
  • City Council to Fill Vacancy: Patrick J. Hickey (Non)


  • Supervisor: David W. Kellogg (R)
  • Clerk: Mary Lou Knapp (R)
  • Council: George E. Moulton (R)
  • Justice: Robert J. Newark (R)
  • Highway Superintendent: Richard F. Walden (R)
  • Tax Collector: Jennifer K. Russell (R)
  • Mayor:


  • Supervisor: Brent H. Sweet (R)
  • Clerk: Jessica L. Hudson (R)
  • Council: Gene P. King (R)
  • Council: Shawn M. Thomas (R)
  • Justice: David M. Cortright (R)
  • Highway Superintendent: Edwards M. Tibbles (R)

Alexandria Bay

  • Supervisor:
  • Clerk
  • Councilman
  • Justice: David M. Cortright
  • Highway Superintendent: Edward M. Tibbes
  • Tax Collector
  • Mayor
  • Village Trustee


  • Supervisor: Elizabeth A. Lynch (R)
  • Clerk: Barbara J. Mitchell (R)
  • Council: Claire M. Brownell (R)
  • Council: Julie M. Farr (R)
  • Justice: Donald F. Hull (R)
  • Highway Superintendent: Scott R. Canfield (R)
  • Tax Collector: Amy S. Cole (R)


  • Supervisor: Richard D. Lane (R)
  • Clerk: June R. McCartin (R)
  • Council: Jeffrey J. Timerman (R)
  • Council: Ronald T. Tepfenhard (R)
  • Highway Superintendent: Roy J. Gilchrist
  • Tax Collector: Brenda S. McConnell
  • Village Mayor: Patrick C. Connor
  • Village Trustee: Michael L. Walrath (R)
  • Village Trustee: Robert D. Goutremout (R)


  • Supervisor: Richard D. Lane
  • Clerk: June McCartin
  • Highway Superintendent: Roy Gilchrist
  • Mayor: James R. Eves (D)
  • Village Trustee: Bruce W. Nutting (R)

Cape Vincent

  • Supervisor: Marty Mason (R)
  • Clerk: Michelle A. Bouchard (R)
  • Council: Paul F. Aubertine (D)
  • Council: Alan N. Wood (D)
  • Justice: John R. Fix (R)
  • Highway Superintendent: William J. Pond (D)
  • Village Mayor: Jerry D. Golden (R)
  • Village Trustee: Pamela H. Youngs (R)
  • Village Trustee: Christine Stark (R)


  • Supervisor: Brian S. Peck (R)
  • Clerk: Christinia M. Vargulick (R)
  • Council: Brad S. Russell (R)
  • Council: James D. Uhlinger III (R)
  • Justice: Angela B. McGill (R)
  • Highway Superintendent: Joseph C. Strife


  • Clerk: Ariana E. Henderson
  • Highway Superintendent: Patrick Weston
  • Mayor: Valerie Rust (D)
  • Village Trustee: Dori-Ann Froelich (R)
  • Village Trustee: Jose Sosa (D)


  • Council: James C. Kenney (R)
  • Council: Kathleen E. LaClair (R)
  • Justice: William F. Ramseier (R)
  • Justice: Walter M. Jeram, Jr. (EJ)


  • Mayor: Janet M. Zando (R)
  • Village Trustee: Anna C. Peck (R)
  • Village Trustee:- Joseph E. Cook (R)


  • Supervisor: Douglas W. Shelmidine (R)
  • Clerk: Debra L. Payne (R)
  • Council: Joel J. Bovee (R)
  • Council: Donald J. Goodnough (R)
  • Highway Superintendent: Robert R. Corron (R)
  • Village Mayor: James E. Matthews
  • Village Trustee: Michael D. Gleason

Evans Mills

  • Highway Superintendent
  • Mayor: Robert E. Boucher
  • Village Trustee: Teresa Fleming
  • Village Trustee: Mary Palmer


  • Supervisor: Edwin D. Glaser (R)
  • Clerk and Tax Collector: Wendy M. Flagg (R)
  • Council: Matthew T. Owen (R)
  • Council: Torre J. Parker Lane (R)
  • Highway Superintendent: Stanley L. Hall


  • Supervisor: Beth Ann Arthur (R)
  • Clerk: Brenda L. Bockus (R)
  • Council: John W. Laduc (R)
  • Council: Christopher H. Lee (R)
  • Justice: Robert P. Bogdan
  • Highway Superintendent: Todd R. Farrington


  • Supervisor: Patrick E. O’Donnell (BE)
  • Clerk: Melissa L. Verne (R)
  • Council: Samuel J. Biondolillo (R)
  • Council: Michael J. Gracey (R)
  • Justice: Larry G. Covell (R)
  • Highway Superintendent: Daniel H. Young (R)
  • Village Mayor: David Leonard (R)
  • Village Trustee: Randolph E. Lake (R)


  • Supervisor: Sandra L. Clark (D, R)
  • Council: David D. Johnson (R)
  • Council: Godron A. Hutton (R)
  • Justice: Lisa Hutton
  • Highway Superintendent: Joseph Wasilewski (D, R)


  • Supervisor: Terry D. Countryman (D)
  • Clerk: Ariana E. Henderson (R)
  • Council: Donald R. Bourquin (R)
  • Council: Timothy Farrell (R)
  • Highway Superintendent: Patrick Weston
  • Assessor:


  • Mayor:
  • Village Trustee: Valerie A. Deon (R)
  • Village Trustee:


  • Supervisor: Kevin C. Rarick
  • Council: Peter S. Wilson (R)
  • Council: Gwendolyn M. Kirby (D)
  • Justice: David M. Morse


  • Supervisor: Scott J. Allen (R)
  • Clerk and Tax Collector: Gewn E. Cali (R)
  • Council: Kenneth D. Hart (D)
  • Council: Ricky H. VanTassel (R)
  • Justice: Michael D. Doney
  • Highway Superintendent: Bruce R. Cali (R)


  • Council: Sandra L. Carpenter (R)
  • Council: Jeffrey A. Sands (R)
  • Assessor: Tamrica Brown (D)
  • Village Mayor: Christopher P. LaClair
  • Village Trustee: Patrick D. Gibbens


  • Supervisor: Lisa C. Worden
  • Clerk and Tax Collector: Jamie G. Ackley
  • Council: Jacob W. Bll (R)
  • Council: Vance G. Carpenter (R)
  • Highway Superintendent: Dale T. Tamblin (R)


  • Supervisor: Gary D. Eddy (R)
  • Clerk and Tax Collector: Samantha E. Sawyer
  • Council: Kenneth E. Gleason (R)
  • Council: Jennifer Jean Bossuot (R)
  • Highway Superintendent: Claude F. Phelps (R)
  • Mayor: David Leonard
  • Village Trustee: Randolph E. Lake

Sackets Harbor

  • Supervisor: Beth Ann Arthur
  • Clerk and Tax Collector: Brenda L. Bockus
  • Councilman
  • Justice: Robert P. Bodgan
  • Highway Superintendent: Todd R. Farrington (R)
  • Mayor: Alex Morgia (SF)
  • Village Trustee: Ronald D. Mildren, Jr. (R)
  • Village Trustee: Kelly L. Sova (D)


  • Supervisor: Steven Marcinkowski
  • Council: Timothy S. Busier (R)
  • Council: Charles E. Folsom Jr. (R)
  • Justice: Rachel Roberts (D, R)
  • Highway Superintendent: Mark Savage


  • Supervisor: Joel Bartlett
  • Council: Joanne M. McClusky (R)
  • Council: David W. Prosser (R)
  • Justice: Steven G. Munson
  • Highway Superintendent: Ted A. Clement


  • Supervisor: Paul H. Smith
  • Clerk and Tax Collector: Lori A. Borland
  • Council: Susan E. Storms (D)
  • Council: Frank M. Skvorak (D)
  • Justice: Faith L. Parks (R)
  • Highway Superintendent: Michael J. O’Shaughnessy (D)


  • Supervisor: Anthony M. Tubolino
  • Clerk and Tax Collector: Katelyn S. Macklen
  • Justice: Lisa M. Hutton
  • Highway Superintendent
  • Assesor: Karen L. Macklen