WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWTI) — In preparation for next year’s election for county sheriff, Jefferson County Sheriff Colleen M. O’Neill made an announcement on Friday.

Sheriff O’Neill stated that after over 30 years in law enforcement, she will not seek reelection in 2022. O’Neill released the following statement regarding this announcement:

I’ve always known what I wanted to do – serve as a member of law enforcement. The 28 years that I served as a State Trooper, and the last 7 as your Sheriff have not only been an honor and a privilege, but a dream come true. It is time now for me to look ahead at my new personal goals and priorities. After deep thought and long talks with my family, I have decided to not seek reelection next year.

I am so very grateful to the voters who elected me, and the community who trusted me with the incredible responsibility of leading this agency. The residents of Jefferson County are extremely lucky to have the talented and professional men and women of the Sheriff’s Office on duty each day and night helping to make their community safe. I could not be more proud of these incredibly committed officers and civilians so dedicated to this community, and of all of the work that is accomplished at the Sheriff’s Office. And we are honored to have the support and appreciation of this community who recognizes all that we do.

As I prepare to leave at the end of my term next year, I will continue to work hard
for you. The privilege of serving as your Sheriff is truly an honor.

Jefferson County Sheriff Colleen M. O’Neill

O’Neill was first elected as Jefferson County Sheriff in 2012. She then sought reelection in 2018.