Jefferson County Sheriff’s honor retiring Deputy Stephen Gruber


Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office

JEFFERSON COUNTY, N.Y. (WWTI) — The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office expressed their gratitude for retiring Deputy Sheriff Stephen Gruber on Monday.

According to a Facebook post from the Sheriff’s Office, they have had several of their members hand in their retirement papers this year. Gruber has been the latest, officially retiring last month.

Before becoming a Sheriff, Gruber served in the military for over 20 years. He joined the Army in 1979, completing Basic Training and Military Police training at Fort McLellan, Alabama. Eventually, he was stationed at various locations in Germany while serving as a Customs Inspector, Customs Investigator, Desk Sergeant, MP Investigator, MP Investigator Supervisor, and also as a Patrol Supervisor, Squad Leader, and Platoon Sergeant.

He continued on serving in Colorado and Virginia as a Patrolman, Squad Leader, Patrol Supervisor, and Desk Sergeant, and was finally stationed at Fort Drum. Throughout his military career, he received many awards and medals, including a Meritorious Service Medal, six Army Good Conduct Medals, and five Army Commendation Medals, including one for saving the life of a fellow soldier.

Gruber retired from the Army in 1999 which is when he began his career with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s office. The JCSO’s Facebook post wrote that Gruber’s experience allowed him to set a precedent for other officers.

“Steve was older and more seasoned than most rookies, and not only did he meet the standards for performance, he set the benchmark for them. His reports were top-notch, he was professional and stern yet polite, and if he wrote you a ticket, you probably deserved it.”

The post also went on to explain that his intense demeanor was paired with other characteristics allowed him to be a great resource for the JCSO.

“That “Gruber intensity” was often just a tool of the trade to get the job done, and it worked very well on suspects and coworkers alike. Behind that intensity was humility and understanding. He was a natural leader without the stripes, and he had a knack for dry humor.”

The post expressed the JCSO’s gratitude for Gruber’s services, as well as shared photos of him working in the community.

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