GOUVERNEUR, N.Y. (WWTI) — Kinney Drugs has become a household name across Northern New York, but not all know its history.

It all started in 1903 in the Village of Gouverneur when Burt Orin Kinney received his license to start a drug store, which became Kinney Drugs. Kinney’s son, Harold Kinney eventually went on to be the company’s president and held this position until 1967.

This legacy was celebrated on September 13 in the Village of Gouverneur as the local drug store company celebrated its 119th anniversary. A new plaque was unveiled on the Kinney Drugs headquarters; the site of the original storefront.

KPH Healthcare Service Executive Vice President Dave McClure said this was one of the many way Gouverneur will continue to honor the Kinney’s community contributions.

“This, to me, is the legacy of what these two gentlemen have developed throughout the years. Pointing to the plaque he said, “it’s here because the employees wanted to give back to their legacy and say thank you to everything they did.”

As the company now has 96 drug stores and several other divisions across New York and Vermont, McClure explained that Kinney Drug’s continues to stay true to its roots while servicing communities.

“We’ve serviced these communities for literally over one hundred years,” McClure said. “We go back to what Burt instilled in all of us that our communities are very important to us. That it’s important to give back to our communities that we service with our drug store and other divisions.”

The anniversary celebration in Gouverneur on September 14 was also lead by KPH President and CEO Dave Warner, R.Ph., Kinney Drugs President John Marraffa, R.Ph. and Gouverneur Mayor Ron MacDougall.