Kinney Drugs opens COVID vaccinations for 12+, introduces “comfort vaccination experience”


GOUVERNEUR, N.Y. (WWTI) – Kinney Drugs has opened COVID vaccination appointments for people ages 12 and above, consistent with recent CDC ACIP recommendations.

Kinney’s is also introducing an exclusive “comfort vaccination experience” through a partnership with Pain Care Labs.

Kinney’s pharmacists have been specially trained in immunization comfort techniques and are taking the “sting” out of shots with Buzzy® the Vaccine Bee, a patented bumble bee-shaped device that simultaneously applies ice and vibration to desensitize before the injection.

The device will also serve the purpose of distracting and disrupting pain transmission during the poke itself for a more comfortable experience.

Buzzy was designed to help children and adults who have a fear of, or sensitivity to, needles and is only available from Kinney Drugs Pharmacists.

“We have used Buzzy® effectively in clinical settings such as pediatric flu clinics with excellent patient response. Clinically, Buzzy® uses natural ‘gate control’ pain relief by confusing the body’s own nerves, thereby dulling or even eliminating sharp pain. When nerves receive non-painful signals such as vibration or cold, the brain ‘closes the gate’ on pain. We are delighted to partner with Pain Care Labs to be the only pharmacy in our area to offer comfort immunizations with Buzzy®,” Dr. Shannon Miller, Director of Patient Outcomes for Kinney Drugs, said.

More information and Buzzy® the Vaccine Bee and how to schedule a “sting-free” immunization is available on Kinney’s website.

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