LOWVILLE, N.Y. (WWTI) – The Lewis County Health System nursing team bestowed recognition to their nurse peers on Wednesday, September 13 at their Nursing Excellence Ceremony.

Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Nurse Aides, Certified Nursing Assistants, and Friends of Nursing were recognized for their excellence, leadership and clinical practice while meeting Lewis County Health System’s ICARE values:

  • Integrity;
  • Compassion;
  • Accountability;
  • Respect; and
  • Compassion.

the Nursing Leadership Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Registered Nurse Gale Grunert for her thirty-five-year commitment to nursing.

Grunert has held many roles at LCHS throughout her career, including:

  • RN on East Wing;
  • Nurse Manager;
  • Quality Manager;
  • Director of Case Management;
  • Interim Director of Nursing; and
  • Her current role as Clinical Resource Manager.

“Gale’s dedication and commitment to excellence have profoundly impacted staff, patients, and residents at Lewis County Health System, — The nursing team will miss her knowledge, work ethic, kindness, and most of all her friendship.”

Marcy Teal, Chief Nursing Officer at LCHS

Gale has experienced many changes in healthcare and nursing over her 35-year career, she encourages others to embrace change and make the most of every learning experience while serving others.

“Change is what you make of it.”

Registered Nurse Gale Grunert

A full list of Lewis County Health System award recipients:

Nursing Leadership Lifetime Achievement Award, Recipient:

  • RN Gale Grunert

Nursing Excellence, Recipients:

  • RN Jackie Pate;
  • RN Tina Dicob;
  • RN Tracie Davoy;
  • RN Stephenie Hunziker;
  • RN Megan Stockman; and
  • RN Katrina Becker.

Nursing Leadership, Recipients:

  • RN Jackie Simmons;
  • RN Tina Gigliotti;
  • RN Jennifer Jantzi-LaFlesh;
  • RN Nola Pominville;
  • RN Shannon Der; and
  • RN Tina Bates.

Rising Stars, Recipients:

  • RN Elizabeth Lawrence; and
  • RN Amy Godlewski.

LPN Excellence, Recipients:

  • LPN Tammy Thompson;
  • LPN JoEllen Lafontaine;
  • LPN Tracey Koss; and
  • LPN Julie Fairbanks.

CNA/NA Practice Excellence, Recipients:

  • CNA/NA Brooklyn Cobb;
  • CNA/NA Rachael Baslow;
  • CNA/NA Tina Johnson;
  • CNA/NA Jill McBain;
  • CNA/NA Wes Brown and
  • CNA/NA Melinda Smith.

Friends of Nursing, Recipients:

  • Marcie Buell;
  • Jennifer Boucher;
  • Samantha Woodhouse;
  • Lori Peters;
  • Barry Fairbanks; and
  • Sage Stanford.

You can learn more about the Lewis County Health System on their website.