LOWVILLE, N.Y. (WWTI) — A resident in a nursing home in Lowville has died following complications from the coronavirus.

The Lewis County Health System confirmed that a resident of its Residential Health Facility died from the coronavirus on January 5, 2022. According to the LCHS, this was a resident who resides on the first floor of the facility.

In the same update, the facility confirmed that three residents also tested positive for the coronavirus on January 6. This was following exposure testing on the first floor of the facility. These residents are now in COVID-19 isolation.

Based on Centers for Medicare and Medicaid guidelines, the Residential Health Facility confirmed that it will continue with resident exposure testing every three to five days.

Residents on the first floor remain on transmission-based precaution. First-floor visitors are required to wear a gown, gloves, shied and facility-issued mask, regardless of vaccination status.

Additionally, the third floor of the facility is no longer on transmission-based precaution as all third-floor residents have tested negative for COVID-19.

As of January 6, all floors in the Lewis County Residential Health Facility remained open for in-person visitation. However, due to the outbreak status, the facility is recommending visitations to be postponed. Those who visit are advised of a higher risk of COVID exposure.