Lewis County seeking proposal to repair 911 tower sites



LEWIS COUNTY (WWTI) — The Lewis County Board of Legislators is seeking proposals for qualified vendors to provide driveway repair at 1276 North Osceola road, Osceola which is one of the County’s 911 tower sites.

The other services that will be required include:

  • Creating a smaller swale along the driveway
  • Cut in swale along the driveway’s edge and installing rip rap stone check dams topsoil, seed and mulch
  • Box out and move existing driveway to the left in order to straighten the driveway
  • Extend the existing plastic culvert towards the tree line, trim tree branches up 6′ from ground
  • Lay down area for driveway spoils
  • Widen driveway 5′ from the transformer to the inside corner
  • Widen driveway 5′ to the left of the tower
  • Top entire driveway with 3″ of black top millings
  • Shape driveway for proper water runoff to swale
  • Compact all stone, millings with vibratory roller

There is a scheduled site visit on July 27 at 10 a.m.

Those interested can send a proposal which can be either mailed, or hand delivered to the Clerk of the Board, Cassandra Moser, at 7660 North State Street Rm. 225, Lowville, New York, 13367. The proposals must be received on or before 1:00 p.m. on August 10, 2021 and late proposals will not be considered.

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