Little Caesars ranks healthiest among other fast-food restaurants


Montage of fast food photos from McDonald’s, Pizza Hut and Getty Images.

(WWTI) — Craving fast-food and wondering what is the healthiest option? Results from a recent study may surprise you.

A study conducted by the platform HealthyBeat investigated 20 of the most popular fast-food brands in the United States to determine which restaurant had the healthiest menu.

And the pizza restaurant known for its $5 pies, Little Caesars, earned the title of “America’s healthiest fast-food restaurant.”

To rank the restaurants, the study selected ten meals from each of the restaurants; five of the most popular and five at random. Researchers then found the average calorie count across all ten meals. Data for these top meals was sourced from Statista.

Other restaurants in the study included favorites such as McDonalds, Taco Bell, Dunkin’ and Starbucks.

According to the study, Little Caesars had an average meal calorie count of 304kcal. Pizza Hut, which was determined to be the unhealthiest had an average meal calorie count of nearly 2000kcal.

The healthiest fast food restaurants in the country are listed below:

The 20 healthiest fast-food chains in the USA, and their average calorie count (courtesy:

HealthyBeat Nurition Editor Crystal Marcano commented on the results of the study.

“For a lot of people we know that fast-food has become a big part of their weekly diet not just because it’s nice, but because it is also extremely convenient,” shared Marcano. “For me the biggest surprise was to see McDonalds in the top five, and healthier than Subway! Most people I think would agree that Subway seems the healthier choice, however McDonalds obviously has some lower calorie choices than you’d think!”

Full findings from the fast-food study can be found on the HealthyBeat website.

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