LOWVILLE, N.Y. (WWTI) — A Lowville liquor store was found out of compliance with underage drinking laws.

On August 23, New York State Police conducted an Underage Drinking Initiative throughout Lewis County in the town of Lowville, Greig, Leyden, West Turin, Watson and the Village of Lowville.

According to State Police, during the initiative, Parkway Liquors, located in Lowville was found to not be in compliance with statewide Alcohol Beverage Control Laws, which prohibit the sale of alcohol to anyone under the age of 21.

As a result, State Police arrested 58-year-old Brenda K. Ashline from Carthage on the charges of unlawfully dealing with a child in the first degree and prohibited sale of alcohol to a person under twenty-one years of age.

However, 11 other businesses were checked during the initiative and found in compliance. This included:

  • Hilltop Market, 1187 SR 26, West Leyden, NY
  • Cliffs Store, 3205 SR 12, Port Leyden, NY
  • Stewarts Shops. 3906 SR 12, Lyons Falls, NY
  • Brantingham General Store, 5508 Partridgeville Rd, Brantingham, NY
  • Greig Store, 5529 Greig Rd, Glenfield, NY
  • Sliders, 6215 Number Four Rd, Lowville, NY
  • Fastrac, 5610 Shady Ave, Lowville, NY
  • Kinney Drugs, 7395 Utica Blvd, Lowville, NY
  • Stewarts Shops, 7491 S. State St, Lowville, NY
  • A to Z Liquors, 7377 Utica Blvd, Lowville, NY
  • Sunoco A Plus, 7392 Utica Blvd, Lowville, NY