UNITED STATES (WWTI) — Residents were given the perfect opportunity to exercise their sweet tooth on Sunday in honor of National Hard Candy Day.

According to the NationalDayCalendar website, the origin of the holiday on December 19 is unknown, however, the site was able to share some facts on the sweet. The site explained that most hard candies are 100% sugar with flavoring and colors added.

To be able to achieve the hard candy texture, confectioners boil a sugar syrup to 320 degrees Fahrenheit and then pour it into molds to be shaped. Once the sugar cools, it becomes hardened and brittle.

Although it is known today as a sweet treat, the first hard candies, like lemon drops and peppermints were likely prescribed as a remedy for stomach ailments.

The candy became popular in the seventeenth century as sugar prices fell and all economic classes were able to afford the sweet treat. By the mid-1800s, over 400 companies were manufacturing hard candies and distributing them to consumers.

In 2015, Jolly Rancher surpassed Werther’s Original as the best-selling hard candy. Other popular hard candies include Dum Dum Pops, Life Savers, Tootsie Roll Pops, and Charms Blow Pop.

Individuals are invited to celebrate the holiday by enjoying their favorite hard candies and by diving into their history, as well as how they are made.