NEW YORK STATE (WWTI) — New York State has some of the most opportunities for nurses, new data shows.

According to an Analysis of Nursing Jobs Across the U.S. completed by Grand Canyon University, New York has one of the highest employment levels of registered nurses in the United States.

This was measured by evaluating the employment level of registered nurses in every state in the country based on data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Overall, California and Texas were found to employ the highest number of nurses with 307,060 and 219,930 employed nurses respectively.

New York was found to employ 178,550 nurses, ranking the fourth-highest in the country following Florida with 183,130 nurses.

The report stated that there is also a loose association between the number of employed nurses and the state population. Measuring the rate of employment per 1,000 jobs, South Dakota was found to have the highest concentration. New York was not found to have a high concentration of nursing jobs.

Grand Canyon also analyzed nursing school statistics from the American Association of Colleges of Nursing in 2020. According to this data, nursing continues to be a female-dominated industry with 12.80% of baccalaureate students, 11.70% of master’s students, 10.50% of research-focused doctorate, and 14.20% of doctor of nursing practice students being male.

The most popular nursing programs in the country in 2020 were also determined to be baccalaureate programs with 251,145 enrolled students. Research-focused doctoral programs had only 4,626 enrolled students in 2020.

The full analysis can be found on the Grand Canyon University website.