NEW YORK (WWTI) — Health insurance renewals have begun for more than 9 million New Yorkers enrolled in public health insurance programs. Governor Hochul said New York stands ready to help consumers stay covered.

The federal Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023 ended the requirement to keep individuals continuously enrolled in Medicaid, Child Health Plus and the Essential Plan. Federal law now requires eligibility reviews for public programs to resume.

Current state enrollees will receive renewal notices in advance of their coverage end dates with detailed instructions of how to stay covered and their deadline to take action.

“New Yorkers deserve access to quality and affordable health care, which is why my administration has prioritized delivering health insurance to a record number of New Yorkers,” Governor Hochul said. “Through our nation-leading health care system, we continue to ensure everyone in our state has access to the best care available and I urge New Yorkers to renew their coverage in New York’s public health insurance programs.” 

In coordination with the Department of Health, participating health insurance plans, health care providers and thousands of certified enrollment staff across the state have prepared to assist consumers through the renewal process and keep New Yorkers covered. 

Governor Hochul’s office said the Department of Health has reviewed federal government guidance, developed plans to enhance systems, increased resources and added staff, and collaborated with state and federal government officials, local departments of social services, partners, advocates and other stakeholders to help New Yorkers navigate the changes to their insurance programs.    

Throughout the next year, current enrollees will receive renewal notices based on the end date of their coverage.  Enrollees with coverage end dates of June 30 have already begun receiving their renewal notices.

New York State of Health enrollees should follow the instructions on their renewal notices and take any needed actions once the renewal window opens to avoid a gap in health insurance coverage. 

Members who enrolled through their county’s Local Department of Social Services or the New York City Human Resources Administration will receive a renewal packet in the mail and should follow the instructions and deadlines outlined in that packet to renew their coverage.

Enrollment in NY State of Health will remain open through May 2024 so anyone who loses their Medicaid, Child Health Plus or Essential Plan coverage during the redetermination process will be able to enroll in a Qualified Health Plan, if they qualify.

New York eliminated premiums in the Essential Plan for adults not eligible for Medicaid with incomes up to 200% of the federal poverty level as part of the State FY 2021 Budget.

In the State FY 2023 Budget, New York extended 12 months postpartum coverage to pregnant individuals in Medicaid, eliminated premiums for children with incomes at or below 222% of the federal poverty level in the Child Health Plus programs and aligned Medicaid eligibility levels for all adults at 138% percent of the federal poverty level.