WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWTI) — The bidding war has almost begun.

The North Country Family Health Center in Watertown is getting ready for its 2nd Annual Online Auction to support family healthcare.

This will stand in place of the organization’s annual Night on the River, which usually includes an in-person silent auction and has been canceled for the past three years due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But according to Marketing and Community Relations Director April Fallon, despite it being completely online last year, the auction was extremely successful and raised nearly $14,000.

“Last year, we did it as our first online auction, and to my surprise, we were 100% successful,” Fallon said. “All of our items last year sold, everybody paid for the items and they also came in to pick them up.”

All funds raised from the auction will circle back to support the North Country Family Health Center, with an emphasis on its Unmet Needs Program.

“That program will help individuals, our patients or new patients do anything from transportation to helping with any kind of odd assistance that maybe insurance doesn’t cover,” Fallon explained. “That’s been a real pleasure being able to support that program.”

Fallon also confirmed that all items in the auction were donated from local businesses, community groups, in-house committees and outside organizations.

The auction will have hot-ticketed items such as gift certificates to local businesses, Adirondack vacations, Buffalo Bills tickets, jewelry and more.

The highest bidder will take their winning item home.

Bidding will begin in the morning on Wednesday, June 1. Final bids will be accepted for six days through June 6. The entire auction will take place on the Adirondack Asset Auctions website.