WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWTI) — Route 11 from the city of Watertown to Evans Mills is impassible, according to a social media post by Calcium Fire Department Fire District.

The organization stated in the post that two fire trucks and two ambulances were stuck in the roadway trying to respond to emergency calls. Emergency officials are asking all residents to stay off the roads if they aren’t essential employees, as road conditions are extremely dangerous. “No unnecessary travel” advisories are in effect for many areas of Jefferson County.

Calcium Fire Department Fire District posted on the organization’s Facebook page that a portion of Route 11 was impassible due to emergencies on November 18, 2022

People commented on the post that they knew of drivers that had been stuck on the roadway for several hours and were still awaiting help, as others posted on their own social media accounts that they were unable to access the road because it was already closed by the time they approached the area.

Major snowfall is expected to continue throughout Friday night before moving north into Canada on Saturday. Lake effect snow can continue through Sunday in Jefferson County so drivers are urged to take precautions.