(WWTI) – Spend some time today as a family and lend a hand in your community, today is Family Volunteer Day.

The first time the word “volunteering” as a term was used outside of the military was in the 1630s. Jumping to the American Civil War in the 1800s women volunteered to sew supplies for soldiers. In 1881 Clara Barton, an American nurse, created the American Red Cross for disaster relief operations. In 1961 The Peace Corps was established by the US government as an independent agency and volunteer program.

Today we celebrate families coming together to support their communities and Neighbors and depreciate their kind and humble efforts. Volunteering together as a family can be very fun and it can encourage quality family time together while helping your community and Neighbors.

If you are looking for a place to Volunteer, you can visit Volunteer Match to find places in Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence counties to volunteer.

Happy Family Volunteer Day!