(WWTI) – They have no bones and no brains and are at least 500 million years old, today is Jellyfish Day.

Jellyfish are weird as far as animal life is concerned, then again most aquatic animals are. These marine invertebrates are old, like really old, in 2007 a perfectly preserved jellyfish fossil was found in Utah, the specimen dated back a whopping 505 million years, which puts it right in the Cambrian. This is rather curious as jellyfish have no bones so they rarely leave any evidence like other creatures. 

Today, jellies have survived and thrived almost worldwide because they need very little oxygen. Jellies can survive in any water, enjoy a broad diet, reproduce very quickly and shrink when food reserves reduce – only to revive themselves when food is available again. 

Top Tip: To protect yourself in the water from a jellyfish sting wear pantyhose as the stingers are short and cannot puncture clothing.

In the Adirondack region, you might actually spot a jellyfish, specifically the peach blossom jellyfish, this invasive species is native to China. These jellies were first spotted in NY waters in 1934 and probably arrived on NY shores through the movement of stocked fish, aquatic plants and waterfowl. To learn more about this invasive jellyfish species you can visit the Adirondack Council’s webpage.

Happy Jellyfish Day!