(WWTI) – Is your home in a state of disorder or maybe your mind is awash with confusion, don’t worry if it is, because it’s Chaos Never Dies Day.

Chaos is a state of disorder or confusion and it appears in every aspect of the human experience. In Greek mythology, Khaos is one of the gods who precedes the universe itself. In other words, chaos, predates the universe, making it an integral part of life. Even as you try slowing down, taking a break and taking some time for yourself these won’t stop the inevitable chaos in your life.

Chaos can mean different things to different people: for some, it’s a schedule-packed day and for others, it’s weekly family dinners. Whatever your specific chaos is, the key to enjoying life is embracing the disorder and facing it like a champ. That’s what today is about, it’s completely dedicated to enjoying the chaos in the world around you.

Get Organized Wizard has 10 tips to make your life a bit less chaotic:

  1. Plan Life With a Calendar;
  2. Let Unimportant Things Go;
  3. Learn to Say No to People;
  4. Ask for Help From Others;
  5. Declutter Personal Space;
  6. Make Time for Hobbies;
  7. Set Goals That Are Realistic;
  8. Donate Rather Than Sell;
  9. Create a Routine That Works; and
  10. Consider Living the Simple Life.

Happy Chaos Never Dies Day!